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Galapagos Islands giant tortoise

Sat gazing over a bay of turquoise waters peacefully awaiting a setting sun. Water rushes into black, craggy, spilling into crevices where crabs cling. 

Waves lap softly against the ancient lava that teams with colourful wildlife.  White and blue boats tilt gently sideways, their tall masts reaching skywards. 

Cotton clouds like claws stretch, specked with an orange hue that seeps through from a resting sun.  Shards of light beam down from the sky and settle on the sea, painting pretty colours in the ripples of tide.  Frigate birds fly overhead, their silhouettes gliding gracefully by. 

Sealions bend their bodies backwards, glistening skin shimmering in the soft light as they stretch on the sand of a nearby beach.

Curious cubs poke up their noses then dive down under the ocean their little flippers following then rapidly disappearing.  A typical moment shared in the Galapagos and one you can witness each day, as your mood suits.

Galapagos Islands, Bartolome

Isolated for many thousands of years, this fascinating archipelago is truly one of the most unique places on earth. 

Formed thousands of years ago by a series of underwater volcanic eruptions, the Islands sit atop gigantic submarine mountains and play host to a myriad of amazing wildlife.

At first totally desolated, it is believed that plant and animal life was brought here by tides and water currents, floating masses of land or blown in by the breeze. 

Visitors on Galapagos tours are not only blown away by its natural beauty and wildlife, but are educated and inspired to help preserve its treasure. It's quite remarkable when you think that it was here that Darwin found his powerful source if intuition and based his future writings. 

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Adventure Life

Whether with friends or family, as a volunteer or a scientist, this place captivates the thousands who arrive each year and nearly all depart with an overwhelming desire to return. 

So what is it you want?  Long stretches of white sands with swaying palm trees and turquoise waters, to visit penguins and spot white tip reef sharks or find flamingoes in large wetlands?  Then you should visit the remote paradise Island of Isabella. 

Would you like to wake each day to the sound of sealions and watch the babies rolling in thewaves, to see manta rays gliding under awell lit pier, or snorkel with huge turtles surrounded by shoals of fish and feeding on seaweed? 

Then perhaps visit the laid back capital of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno in San Cristobal Island.  Or perhaps you would like to visit the busy port of Santa Cruz where you can find huge marine iguanas strolling on  volcanic rocks,  gigantic tortoises lumbering round under weighty shells or dive dive with great hammerhead sharks, dolphins, marine turtles at Gordon Rocks; Galapagos touts some of the best scuba diving and snorkelling sites in the world.

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