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The Galapagos Islands give you the opportunity of becoming a professional photographer.  Many different species, the most beautiful volcanic sights contrasting with the colors of the sea and sky, and the most marvelous sundown, will make you live a fantastic reality. For those who invest in an underwater camera, the beautiful marine life of the Galapagos provides countless photo opportunities as well.

The photography experience level will vary quite a bit from beginner to professional, and is generally not a factor; the common denominator is that everyone enjoys photography and wants to learn more. Photographic information will typically be supplied with the pre-departure briefing packet.

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For many people this could well be a once in a lifetime visit, so it's worth making the effort to obtain as good a photographic record as possible. For really successful results, a top of the range 35mm Single Lens Reflex (SLR) camera with interchangeable lenses would be ideal. Most will also offer an autofocus facility, which is a great asset, saving valuable seconds and helping to secure pictures that may have been missed with manual focus equipment.

An indispensable accessory in Galapagos, for the amount of pictures it can take, is a notebook and tags for your rolls, in order to have it all documented and not have to face the problem of trying to remember the impossible once you get home. Reserve the space to write down the date, the name of the island and the species captured in each photograph.


These trips are accompanied by a professional photographer in addition to the licensed Naturalist Guide. 

During the daily tours, photographic opportunities will be suggested, and guidance will be offered as requested.

Evening workshop session will be held, and a variety of topics will be discussed, based on the interest of the group and the Tour Leader.

The photography experience level of the tour members will vary quite a bit, from beginner to professional, and is generally not a factor, the common denominator is that everyone enjoys photography and wants to learn more in the Galapagos.

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