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The 100 passenger expedition ship Galapagos Legend brings you the best seats in the house at the greatest natural history show on Earth. Comfort and safety characterize the cruising experience onboard, where spacious social areas invite guests to relax as they sail through the magical realm of the Enchanted Isles soothed by the sea breezes.

A Marine Legend that takes luxury out to explore, for those in search of making their precious leisure time unforgettable. The Galapagos Legend blends the comfort of its cabins and suites with the excellence of are services, installations and wide variety of activities.

Galapagos legend, sun terrace

Be part an outdoor cruise from our ample and various terraces, take a dip in our pool, or simply snorkel underwater in the most fascinating marine paradise.

Comfort security, fun and the most amazing face to face encounter with flora and fauna not fount anywhere else in the world will be your part of your cruise.

Category : Luxury
Speed : 17 Knots cruising, 20 Knots maximum
Length : 300 feet / 91.5 m.
Beam : 47 feet / 14.3 m.
Draft : 13 feet / 3.90 m.
Passengers : 110
Crew : 60 plus a physician
Guides : 6 multilingual naturalists
Lifeboats : 2 for 58 passengers each
Life Rafts : 10 for 25 passengers each
Dinghies : 5 units
Zodiac : 6, each for 20 passengers

The M/V Galapagos Legend blends the comfort of its cabins and suites with the excellence of its services, installations and a wide variety of activities.

Exquisite cuisine, numerous on-board activities, Neptune's party, music, board games, marine museum and an auditorium ideal for all types of conferences, meetings and incentives, where guests learn about the islands through videos and briefings given by our naturalist guides. The cabins are all carpeted and air-conditioned, hot and cold water in private bathrooms, comfy beds, room to relax and extra goodies.

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