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The San Cristobal Island is located on the south east; it’s one of the oldest Island by the volcanic formation nearest to mainland. San Cristobal Island measures 55,800 hectares or 558 km2, of which 85% belongs to the National Park while the remaining acreage belongs to the urban and rural areas. The Galapagos Islands scapital has one of the most incredible and mystery human history since Capitan Lewis from England going by Mr. Manuel Julian Cobos who felt the owner and emperor of the island using the prisoners as slaves on his sugar cane farm. One of the main economic activities that has received more support by the local and international institutions has been tourism, and especially ecotourism, that is to say, a type of tourism which promotes contact with nature and the participation of local communities as a means to conserve natural resources.


Although San Cristobal is not the most popular place to set up a boat trip, it’s still a good idea to try and get a group together for a small jaunt around the Island stopping at some outlying places of interest along the way.  We arranged our trip through Wreck Bay diving center.  The boat we hired was a medium sized speedboat and was comfortable, spacious and spotlessly clean.  The crew were friendly and helpful and spoke excellent English.  The parts of the Island we were going to visit were quite sheltered, which made for a smooth ride wave wise and meant that our stomachs would be safe.  On the way to our first destination we stopped off at some rocks where some blue footed boobies were stood looking out at the sea.  Although beautiful birds, it was hard to fathom just how nature had managed to create such an unusual contrast of white feathers and turquoise toes. Perched to their left

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was a Pelican who, as we passed, spread it’s wings widely, opened it’s long beak and pushed up it’s red bulbous tongue as if to say “look what I can do!”.  The next stop was Isla Lobos.  As we tugged up slowly towards “Sealion Island” we could hear our hosts greeting us loudly with a chorus of squawks.  As we pulled up to the embarkation point, a small sea-lion was poking his cute whiskered head from the water and making a great commotion of sounds.  As we climbed off the boat I noticed three sausage like bodies sprawled across the path ahead.  Bright red Sally Lightfoot crabs were crawling about on the dark craggy rocks at the sides of the platform, their claws clinging as they climbed down sideways, showing off their spider-man skills. Suddenly we heard a big throaty growl from the right and turned to find a huge bull making obvious protests to our presence.  He was stood in front of a large black mangrove tree underneath which were young cubs sheltering from the sun with their mothers.  In protective mode, the massive dominant male was at least two hundred and fifty kilos and heading in our direction. 

With his ugly lumped forehead (a telling characteristic of males) and gigantic size I was reluctant to move as he bounded purposely across the rocks, determined to protect his territory. 

To my relief, he stopped a small way from our path and stayed there, perhaps slightly intimidated by our group size.  Still I ran rather quickly past him just in case he changed his mind!

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