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Ashton Palmer, President ExpeditionTrips

Specializing in small-ship expeditions to the natural and cultural wonders of the world, helps travelers find the perfect Galapagos cruise!, work with the majority of the quality vessels in the Galapagos and offer expert, non-bias descriptions of all vessels.

Each year, their staff tours the islands and inspects all vessels. Custom land programs available in mainland Ecuador.

The world's most wondrous group of islands is yours for unhurried exploration. Follow the nature trails, enjoy the amazing sights, wade and even dive among the animals of land and sea.

There is ample time for walking, swimming, snorkeling, photography, and to observe the abundant variety of wildlife on each island. You can swim with sea lions, walk among black marine iguanas and observe the elaborate mating rituals of the Blue-footed Boobies.

ExpeditionTrips provide the highest level of personalized service to ensure you choose the right trip and that every detail is taken care of. With over 50 years experience, leading, planning and joining expeditions worldwide.


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