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Holbrook offers experiences to quench your thirst for the uncommon and satisfy your quest for learning. Whether you are an educator traveling with students, or an Elderhosteler, or traveling with family or friends, Holbrook pledges to:

* Create opportunities for you to learn through experience

* Foster your understanding of the world’s natural and cultural diversity

* Follow eco-friendly practices

* Provide you with high quality expertise and service in a courteous and efficient manner

* Enhance the lives of our employees, our in-country partners, and you

Holbrook Travel is proud to announce a new product line of group tours, known as the Garden Series, which begin January 2007. These tours are unique to Holbrook's already extraordinary array of programs in that they will be concentrating on formal gardens - both private and public - as well as the incredible natural beauty found in the forests of the countries visited. Specialist guides and hosts for these tours will share their knowledge of the local areas and the flora found within, while fellow travelers will have the opportunity to share their love and excitement for the Botanical riches seen daily.


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