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Metropolitan Touring is a leading travel organization based in Quito, Ecuador. With 50 years of experience, leaders in the operation of exciting, innovative and imaginative journeys that maintain the highest standards of comfort, safety and value.

The company caters for the most demanding clients, whether individuals, group travel, soft adventure or incentive groups and offers a personalised service, regardless of group size. Its staff tailor makes itineraries to suit the most diverse interests and meet the specific needs of all customers.

Metropolitan Touring pioneered ecotourism to the Galapagos Islands and has its own fleet of deluxe vessels in the Archipelago, the MV Santa Cruz and the Isabela II. Metropolitan's Galapagos expeditions are comprehensive discovery trips allowing guests the chance to see more of the wildlife and to become participants, not mere observers of the voyage. The Galapagos expeditions are geared toward all aspects of the Galapagos: discovery, adventure, environmental interpretation, aquatic activities, relaxation, superb service and much more.

The Metropolitan Touring has a staff highly qualified. Each of the programs features multilingual guides who share their expert knowledge of the land with genuine Ecuadorian hospitality. The offices, ships and buses are equipped with sophisticated communications systems that interconnect all operations throughout the country, day and night.

Metropolitan Touring is a member of the American Society of Travel Agents ASTA, the International Eco-tourism Society, the International Congress and Convention Association ICCA, the Thomas Cook worldwide network, the Woodside Travel Trust and Ecuadorian travel-related organizations.

All the richness and diversity: geographic, climatic, biological and cultural assets of Latin America are found in Ecuador. Make them yours forever with Metropolitan Touring, your friendly host in Ecuador.


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