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10 days cruise tour aboard the Isabela II

Galapagos Isabela II

The Isabela II is a 40-guest vessel, cruising the Galapagos, it offers an elegant, yet relaxed atmosphere in which to experience the Enchanted Islands.

FROM: 3,600 USD

Day 1

Baltra Island / North Seymour Island

Morning arrival to Baltra and immediate transfer to the Isabela II.  Afternoon disembarkation on North Seymour Island (dry landing) for a walk along the coast and the interior of the island, observing bird colonies of blue footed boobies, frigate birds, swallow tailed gulls and also sea lions and marine iguanas.  (BLD)

Day 2

Gardner Bay & Punta Suarez (Española Island)

Gardner Bay after breakfast, disembark (wet landing) at a white coral beach where you can take a short walk and watch the sea lions, mockingbirds, finches or enjoy the beach. There is great snorkeling in this area, or ride the glass-bottom boat around Gardner or Tortuga islets. Punta Suarez afternoon dry landing for an exciting walk on lava terrain to visit its unique sea bird colonies. (BLD)

Day 3

Punta Cormorant / Post Office Bay (Floreana Island)

Disembark at Punta Cormorant for an easy walk to see the flamingos and other birds.  There is great snorkeling from the beach or near by, at the Devil's Crown. Wet landing at the historical Post Office Bay to learn about the human side of the islands.  Then, a panga ride will take you to nearby islets to observe sea lions, rays and sea turtles, boobies and possibly the Galapagos penguin. (BLD)

Day 4

Santa Cruz Island

Disembark to visit the Darwin Research Station and the giant tortoise pens, an impressive giant prickly-pear cactus forest and many land birds. Afternoon in the highlands, visiting the Scalesia forest and the twin pit craters Los Gemelos. (BLD)

Day 5

Darwin Bay & Prince Philip's Steps (Genovesa Island)

Darwin Bay morning wet landing for an easy stroll observing thousands of bird life, mainly frigate birds, red footed and masked boobies, gulls, herons, finches and mockingbirds. Prince Philip's Steps, the afternoon starts with an interesting panga ride along the cliffs and then disembark on rocks for a steep climb observing large colonies of masked boobies, frigate birds, storm petrels and the short-eared owl.  (BLD)

Day 6

Punta Espinoza (Fernandina Island) / Urbina Bay (Isabela Island)

Disembark (dry landing) for a one-mile walk.  Punta Espinoza has an amazing combination of barrenness with lots of wildlife. Afternoon disembarkation at Tagus Cove, a protected natural harbor.  A walk uphill takes you around Darwin’s saltwater crater lake for a superb view.  Possibility to see flightless cormorants, pelicans, boobies, sea lions, etc.  (BLD)

Day 7

Puerto Egas (Santiago Island) / Bartolome Island

Puerto Egas wet landing for a mid-length walk.  Most of the landscape is tuff-stone layers and lava flows. This is a great opportunity to see land and marine birds.  At low tide, marine iguanas graze upon the algae beds and there is a colony of fur-sea lions.  Good snorkeling and swimming from the beach after the walk. Disembark at Bartolome Island (dry landing) for a hike to the summit. (BLD)

Day 8

Baltra departure

Afer breakfast, departure to the airport . (B)

Breakfast (B) - Lunch (L) - Dinner (D)

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