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8 days hotel-based tour, Finch Bay hotel

Galapagos Finch Bay hotel

The Finch Bay hotel was built using natural, environmentally friendly materials; it has direct access to the beach, a great pool and exterior Jacuzzi.

FROM: 2,150 USD

Day 1

Baltra Island / Santa Cruz Island

Transfer to the Baltra airport. On arrival transfer by bus and then cross the Itabaca Channel. You will be accommodated in the Finch Bay Hotel. In the afternoon it is possible to go for a walk to the Charles Darwin Scientific Station, where the oldest and largest tortoises are being kept. In this unique research programme, which is essentially financed by donations, the attempt is being made to save the various species from dying out. In the evening dinner will be served at the hotel, starting with a welcome drink.

Day 2

Bartolome Island

After breakfast, you have a yacht excursion to Bartolome Island. The trail is a fairly steep climb on wooden steps to the summit, worth the effort, as there is a spectacular view of the Galapagos scenery from above.  Interesting lava formations and tuff cones can be observed.  Sea lions and penguins swim in the vicinity of Pinnacle Rock.  Enjoy snorkeling or swimming from the beach. Back to the Hotel and dinner. 

Day 3

Plazas Island

Breakfast at the Hotel and depart to Plazas Island. This small island is full of fascinating wildlife, at sea side and along the cliffs:  sea lions, land iguanas, swallow-tailed gulls, Opuntia cacti and vegetation that changes colors with the seasons.  

Day 4

North Seymour Island

Travel to Yucatan Peninsula

Mexico is a tourist country, which has in its territory with a myriad of destinations and places to visit, natural attractions. The Yucatan Peninsula has something for you, it is a wonderful vacation destination any time.

Adventure Life

Another full-day trip today the yacht leaves for Seymour Norte, an island which accommodates large colonies of blue-footed ducks and frigate birds. Many sea lions and land iguanas. Again lunch is served aboard and the yacht arrives at the hotel for evening dinner.

Day 5

Santa Fe Island

Santa Fe is characterized by its dry landscape, which is overgrown by the opuntia cactus. This is one of the best places to study land iguanas. There is opportunity to swim and snorkel.

Day 6

Santa Fe Island

Today you can choose from the activities offered at the Hotel, like kayaking, biking, birdwatching, etc. 

Day 7

Floreana Island

Floreana became famous for its "Post Office", a place where in older days pirates used to place their letters in old casks. The one who lived nearest to an address was supposed to deliver the letter. This old custom is still kept alive by many tourists. The "Devil's Crown" is an almost sunken crater. Only a semicircle of volcano rocks remains above sea-level. These rocks provide a home to brooding colonies of blue-footed ducks and red-beaked tropical birds and are a diver's paradise.

Day 8

Morning activity and then transfer to the Airport.


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